A Massive Blizzard Blanketed North Carolina In Snow In 1993 And It Will Never Be Forgotten

Called ‘the storm of the century,’ those who lived through the record-breaking snowfall of 1993 still talk about it to this day. The strangest part about this snow is that it didn’t occur during your normal snowfall months; it created catastrophe in the middle of March. Just as students at UNC Asheville were preparing for spring break they woke up to over two feet of snow. Throughout the southeast, the storm brought devastation to more than just North Carolina, but it still holds records to this day.

While today we pray for no severe storms of the caliber, we can still look back and reminisce thanks to those who recorded video footage and put it on Youtube.

Like this video by Tom Culver showing the Deerfield Neighborhood in Boone.

This video by jleepixprod’s channel shows the damage caused to Boone and Banner Elk, and even some brave souls venturing out in the snow.

For the majority of readers, you lived through this blizzard yourself and probably have a story or two to tell. What did you remember about The Storm of the Century?

While many are aware and lived through the storm, there’s another part of North Carolina history that is somewhat unknown although it almost destroyed the entire state.