Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural New York

Sure, we may not have stereotypical ghost towns in New York like you might find out in the Old West. Out there, you may find beautifully-preserved abandoned structures, the scene completed by rolling balls of tumbleweed like you’d see in a movie. With that being said, you can still find plenty of truly incredible pieces of history that have been left behind in the Empire State. This adventure will take you all the way up to Essex County: it’s time to explore the lost town of Tahawus, a ghost town in New York.

Did you live in the area in 1963 when Tahawus was moved to its final resting place in Newcomb? If you don’t remember this time in history, check out this amazing footage shared by Robin DeLoria on Youtube:

Have you ever been to this abandoned place in New York or do you know any former residents of Tawahus? Share your experiences in the comments!

Address: Tahawus, NY 12852, USA

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Ghost Town In New York

May 20, 2022

What are some more abandoned places in New York?

Looking to check out some abandoned places in New York? Why not take an entire road trip? Bannerman’s Island is home to an abandoned castle that can be seen from the mainland. The creepily-named Dead Horse Island also lies off the coast of Brooklyn — it has been used as a landfill for a horse rendering plant that was once nearby.

What are some more ghost towns in New York?

There are actually quite a few ghost towns in New York that are waiting to be explored! One of the most famous New York ghost towns is Doodletown, which began to fall apart in the 1950s. It’s now part of Bear Mountain State Park in Stony Point. Another is Love Canal, near Niagara Falls. This spot was abandoned when it was discovered that a chemical company had been burying toxic waste in the area. People who lived nearby were developing horrible health issues including leukemia.

Are there any creepy hikes in New York?

Looking for a super-creepy hike in New York? Letchworth Village is an abandoned psychiatric hospital that now has a trail right on the property. The horror stories attached to this psychiatric hospital are absolutely terrible and it’s said that you can feel the spirits that still linger on the property.

Address: Tahawus, NY 12852, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.