The Abandoned Pines Resort In New York Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

In the early and middle part of the 20th-century, the Catskills Region of New York was a very popular destination with vacationers. It wasn’t far from New York City, so it was easy and very affordable for families to head north to the mountains to get away from it all. As a result, many resort hotels popped up in this part of the state. Even though there were dozens of them, they all did well, because so many people came north to support them.

The Pines Resort was one of those hotels. At its peak, it offered more than 400 guest rooms, an ice skating rink, pools, a nightclub, and more. Today, this abandoned hotel in New York is just a memory of what it once was. As flights became more affordable, fewer and fewer people came to the Catskills to vacation, and as a result, almost all of the great Catskill resorts went out of business and closed.

The interior and exterior of The Pines Resort is eerie these days. Check out these photos of how it looks today. It closed in 1998.

The Pines Resort is a very eerie abandoned hotel in New York that deserves a closer look. It’s creepy today but at one point it was popular and beautiful. It’s a reminder that everything changes in time, but we can still look back fondly upon memories of the past.

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Address: South Fallsburg, NY, USA