We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To New York’s Most Abandoned Places

It’s time to hit the road again! Many of us have managed to store away our vacation time until the end of summer, ready to get out and explore someplace new and away from home. While we’ve recently taken you on trips through our most picturesque small towns and even mapped out weekend getaways, today we have a road trip in store for you that’s a bit off the beaten path.

Urban explorers, grab your cameras. It’s time to test your bravery on New York’s ultimate abandoned places road trip!

Note: For the sake of this trip, I focused on the abandoned places in our lower regions of New York. To keep the driving time realistic, I avoided putting certain spots that would drag you out towards the Finger Lakes, up to the Thousands Islands and onward to the Adirondacks. If you’d like to see another abandoned places road trip focusing on other areas of the state, don’t be shy!

So, would you ever take this road trip? Which stop on the road are you most excited to explore? To see one of the abandoned places we wished we could’ve included in this trip, read about the one Abandoned Summer Camp In New York That’s Like Something Out Of A Horror Film!