Dine While Overlooking Waterfalls At The Roundhouse Restaurant In New York

If you find yourself feeling hungry in Dutchess County, take a look at this beautiful restaurant that overlooks some spectacular waterfalls. It will completely take your breath away! There are so many scenic restaurants in New York, but this one is particularly stunning. With views and food that are among the best in the state, you won’t leave disappointed. There’s nothing like the Roundhouse restaurant in New York.

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Address: 2 E Main St, Beacon, NY 12508, USA
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Scenic Restaurants In New York

June 01, 2021

What are some more scenic restaurants in New York?

If you want more restaurants with waterfall views in New York, there’s plenty! Diamond Mills Tavern is a lot like the Roundhouse in that it is more commonly known as a hotel, but it’s also got a great restaurant with incredible views. The Lakeside Restaurant and Tavern, like the name suggests, has fantastic lake frontage and you’ll be so distracted by the views you might even forget to eat! Blue Hill at Stone Barns is a high-end farm-to-table spot with fairy tale gorgeous scenery.

What are some good themed restaurants in New York?

If you’re a fan of themed restaurants, you’re in the right place! Diller is a Manhattan pickle-themed place. Beardslee Castle will have you feeling like royalty. It’s an actual palace that was built in 1860! We have to mention another Beacon gem: Pandorica. It’s a charming Doctor Who-themed British pub. Say Cheese Pizza is a true delight, it’s a pizza shop cafe with a superhero theme. We know we mentioned it above, but Penny Lane Cafe in Buffalo is so neat!

What are some unique restaurants in New York?

Needless to say, we New Yorkers are famed for being a little off the wall, to put it kindly. So of course, we’ve got dining options that are just as bizarre as we are! The historic Frying Pan was, believe it or not, once a sunken ship, and is now a restaurant! That’s not somewhere you eat every day. Another oddball experience is Chelsea’s Trailer Park Lounge. It’s a mobile home park-themed bar that actually has a trailer inside the restaurant. We promise, it’s much better than it sounds!

Address: 2 E Main St, Beacon, NY 12508, USA