Family-Owned Since The 1940s, Step Back In Time At Verdile’s In New York

Verdile’s Restaurant is a big deal in Troy, New York, and especially in the Lansingburgh neighborhood where it has been serving great food to its customers for almost 80 years. This family-owned restaurant has been owned and operated by three generations of the Verdile family since 1943, and has been in its present location since 1952. Walking into this place is like stepping back in time, and the authentic Italian food served here will keep you coming back for more, year after year after year. Read on to learn more about what makes Verdile’s Restaurant so special.

As you can see Verdile’s Restaurant is a very special restaurant. Not only does it have incredible history, but the food is remarkable as well. This place is worth a visit any time you are in or near Troy. Be sure to stop on by; the Verdile Family can’t wait to greet and serve you!

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Address: Verdile's Restaurant, 572 2nd Ave, Troy, NY 12182, USA