During the warmest months here in New York State, you’ll find that people from all around begin to make their way up to the Adirondack Mountains – specifically Lake George. Known as the Queen of American Lakes, this lake and charming little village both offer the ultimate combination of excitement and relaxation. With plenty of ways to stay busy around this one beautiful body of water, you might be wondering how you should pass the time when visiting. Well, if you’re ready for a unique outing on the water, then it’s time you check out the floating tiki bar in New York that makes for the perfect summer adventure.

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Floating Tiki Bar In New York

What's the most beautiful lake in New York?

Lake George in New York is only one of many different lakes that deserve to be explored. In fact, New York is known for having shorelines along some of the most popular lakes in the country! So, which one is the most beautiful of all? Of course, the answer would be subjective depending on preference, but one that always makes the list of most beautiful is Skaneateles Lake. What makes this lake so beautiful compared to the rest? For starters, it’s been dubbed one of the cleanest in America, with pristine beaches and beautiful views. Not to mention Skaneateles Lake has some of the clearest water in the state!

Where can I go tubing in New York?

If you’re looking for the perfect river or lake getaway in New York that has opportunities for tubing, get ready to be wowed. While river tubing in New York might look a bit different from tubing in other states, that doesn’t make it any less fun. Visitors can have their pick of what rivers to tube down, from Sacandaga River in the Southern Adirondacks to Delaware River near the Pennsylvania border! Once the weather gets warm, you do not want to miss out on a refreshing tube down these cool rivers.

Does New York have any natural wonders?

When you think of New York, your mind might wander to some of the more well-known attractions—the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building. But did you know that New York always has a few natural wonders up its sleeve? For instance, some of the most unique boat rentals in New York can be found near Niagara Falls, one of the state’s most beautiful natural wonders! Howe Caverns is another natural wonder that will take visitors deep underground. Check out these 14 natural wonders in New York for an incredible bucket list of experiences.

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