This Surf ‘N Turf Hotspot In New York Has Been Serving Up Some Of The Best Seafood Since 1913

Here at Only In New York, we love new restaurants. Supporting local business in their up-and-coming days is great, and it’s always thrilling to discover an eatery before everyone else does. But long-standing restaurants can be just as delicious: after all, there’s typically a reason they’ve survived the test of time! One seafood restaurant in New York that’s most definitely been time-tested is Jack’s Oyster House in Albany. This upscale spot has been delighting New Yorkers for more than a century! Hardly anything remains the same as it was in 1913, but Jack’s Oyster House is still serving up delicious food in a classy environment.

For more information about Jack’s Oyster House, including a menu, visit their website.

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Address: Jack's Oyster House, 42 State St, Albany, NY 12207, USA