We’re always talking about them, trying to find more of them, and squeeze in the time to enjoy them…waterfalls! Something our state never seems to be lacking is the abundance of out-of-this-world and magical waterfalls. With Niagara Falls being one of the largest tourist attractions in our state, it’s easy to lose sight of some of the lesser-known, more secluded waterfalls that are tucked away. So if you’ve ever wanted to discover some of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls in New York, we hope this list helps provide some ideas.

Looking to add a few new waterfalls to your bucket list? These 12 hidden waterfalls in New York will take your breath away:

Are there any waterfalls on our list that you haven’t heard of? These hidden waterfalls in New York are worth a visit at least once! Whether you’re a resident or visitor of the Empire State, we hope this list helps you discover someplace new, For even more waterfall fun, be sure to check out our waterfall road trip through New York.

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Hidden Waterfalls

What are the most beautiful places in New York?

Whether it's the small towns or the beauty of nature, here are some of the most beautiful places in New York:

  • Eternal Flame Falls near Buffalo is a waterfall that emits natural gas. This helps keep a fire (or eternal flame) burning the whole year through. The spectacle of seeing fire behind a waterfall is truly captivating.
  • Another example of natural beauty in New York can be found inside Alleghany State Park. The Thunder Rocks are ancient geological formations that create a labyrinth of sorts.


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Does New York have any natural wonders?

Yes, New York does have natural wonders. Here are a few that are worth checking out:

  • Dover Stone Church
  • Kaaterskill Falls
  • Island Spouter
  • Green Lakes State Park
  • Panama Rocks State Park
  • Chimney Bluffs State Park
  • High Falls Gorge
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Of course, the most impressive and famous wonder of all would be Niagara Falls.

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