You’ll Be Surprised To Learn These 11 Fascinating Secrets About New York’s Grand Central Terminal

One of the world’s most visited attractions that New Yorkers often take for granted, Grand Central Terminal is an architectural treasure. Opened in 1913, you’ll find visitors from all over the world when you step foot inside of this elegant station. Personally, I always keep my eyes peeled for magical, animated books flying around because I can’t help but think that this place looks like a scene out of a future remake for the 1994 film The Pagemaster. This place is just undeniably full of life and boy if walls could talk! Amazing and chaotic, you’ll be surprised to learn these 11 fascinating secrets about our famous station:

11. Added Bonus: Did you know there’s also a secret tunnel underneath the station that was once used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to assist in hiding his paralysis?

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