This Day Trip Takes You To 5 Of New York’s Covered Bridges And It’s Wonderful For A Scenic Drive

At one point in time, you could find over 300 covered bridges in New York. Spanning our rivers and creeks, these structures were once a common sight in everyday life. Today, there are only several handfuls left standing in the Empire State. Coming across these charming bridges usually takes a concentrated effort. If you’re a fan of scenic drives in New York, we’ve got you covered. This road trip will showcase some of our favorite pieces of the past. Take a day trip to discover some of the few remaining covered bridges in New York that are still standing.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

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Enchanting Places in New York

September 29, 2021

What are some great gardens and parks in New York?

New York is filled with magical gardens and parks. Obviously, Central Park is one of the most famous spots in the entire world (and arguably the most photographed!). But we’ve got 180 state parks and 22 national parks, not to mention all our great little municipal parks. The New York Botanical Garden is stunning and has a fantastically unique rock garden you won’t want to miss. Even outside of the Big Apple, there’s plenty of gardens worth checking out! The Sonnenberg Gardens is always a favorite, and a great day trip destination.

What are some historic places in New York?

Of course in a state as old as ours, we’re liable to have some fantastic historic places worth checking out. From lighthouses to historic homes like the Vanderbilt Mansion, there are all kinds of historic landmarks you should check out in New York. Whether you are interested in Native American history, colonial times, or more modern history, there is plenty to explore all across the Empire State.

What are some scenic drives in New York?

New York has some absolutely beautiful drives, whether you are on a motorcycle or in a car. No matter what time of year you go out for a drive, you’re sure to have fantastic scenery here. Long scenic backroads are a great option, particularly in the upstate region with all of our mountains. The High Peaks Scenic Byway (Route 73) is nationally renowned for its beauty. Twisting and turning through the Adirondacks, you’ll see some of the most brilliant scenery in the Empire State. The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway is not for the faint of heart: its legendary curves are numerous. But it’s got absolutely amazing views!