The One Epic Slide In New York You Need To Ride This Winter

Once you’ve lived with the cold long enough in New York, you learn to embrace the harsh winter weather in order to make the best of things. You can try and stay next to the fireplace all season long, but at some point you’ll cave in and step outside to dive into our powdery blanket of fun. Getting showered in lake-effect snow storms, our Western residents have a ton of amazing locations that turn into their own winter amusement parks during this time of year. Grab your toboggans, you’re going to want to ride down this one epic chute!

If you’ve never taken a winter trip to Chestnut Ridge Park then make sure you watch the video below, courtesy of Aaron Stephan on YouTube!

To find out any further information about the park and weather conditions, click here.
How to get here: 6121 Chestnut Ridge Road Orchard Park, NY 14127

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