If you’ve ever typed “waterfalls near me in New York” into your search engine, you know that the Empire State is positively brimming with gorgeous falls. New Yorkers, known for being the personal waterfalls Rolodex of their friend group, may have managed to even keep this literal hot spot under wraps. Tucked away behind a Western New York waterfall lies our very own Rapunzel of sorts, an ethereal beauty hiding away right in front of our eyes…an eternal flame!

Prepared to see the impossible? Check out the footage of this incredibly enchanting flame behind the falls below:

There you have it! A great answer to the ever-pressing question, “what are some waterfalls near me in New York?” Not quite what you were expecting, right? Have you ever taken a trip to Eternal Flame Falls and started the fire yourself? Tell us about your magical experience in the comments below!

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waterfalls near me in New York

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