This 2-Day Getaway In New York Will Take You To An Unforgettable Paradise

It’s no secret that there’s magic in the Catskills. If you’re in need of an escape from a busy work week or a crowded cityscape, time spent in the natural refuge of the mid-Hudson Valley will be the perfect remedy. The Catskills encompass nearly 5,800 square miles, and so we’ve narrowed things down a bit. This getaway will show off some of the loveliest spots in the eastern side, near the charming town of Woodstock. So pack some comfortable clothes, a couple bottles of wine, and your hiking shoes. The mountains are calling, and we’ve planned the perfect getaway for you.

Check out this video for more information about these gorgeous rentals:

If you want to get away, head over to or give them a call at 917-573-9095. Tell them you saw the getaway on – they’ll take great care of you and you’ll have an awesome time. 🙂