This Rare Footage In The 1930s Shows Buffalo Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Back in the day, Buffalo’s shopping district on Broadway and Fillmore was one of the busiest intersections in New York State. And while the Broadway Market still attracts a large crowd in the month leading up to Easter, the glory days of the district were in the 1930s, when life was a bit slower – but no less exciting – than it is today.

According to Forgotten Buffalo, the second largest Polish-American colony in the world called the Broadway Fillmore shopping district home, and this video shows the highlight reel of life in Buffalo during the ’30s.

In this video, you’ll see vintage cars and public transportation, newsboys selling papers on the streets, and close-up views of Buffalo’s buildings and architecture. Keep your eye out for Stattler’s Department Store and the Broadway Market. Show the video to your grandparents and great grandparents to see if they recognize any familiar faces!

If only we could uncover video evidence of the Broadway Market selling butter lambs in the 1930s…

Ah, the good ol’ days! It’s amazing to see these glimpses of Buffalo’s past and compare life back then to life in the Queen City today. What are the most interesting changes you’ve noticed in Buffalo’s history? If you have any stories or photos from this day and age, share them with us!