The All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Near Buffalo You Never Knew You Needed

In case you weren’t already aware, here in New York each March we highly anticipate the arrival of our state’s Maple Weekends. With more than 180 farms and museums all throughout the Empire State that highlight and feature delicious maple products, there are so many fantastic stops that you can make around this time of year when you’re craving this particular product. Previously here at Only In Buffalo and Only In New York, we’ve mentioned how, not too far from our city, you can find complete maple wonderlands like Sprague’s Maple Farms, but there’s one more maple-themed destination here in Western New York that’s equally as tasty and even more exclusive that you’ll want to visit this season. Keep reading to see where we’re talking about!

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Address: 4321 County Rd 15A, Angelica, NY 14709, USA