America’s Coolest Small Town Is In New York, Of Course

Taking a look at popular destinations all around America with populations under 20,000, there are many websites that like to rank them based on where they each think the “best” and “coolest” towns are. Impressing all those who have visited, we (and lots of other award-winning travel agencies and blogs) concur that the coolest small town in America just so happens to be in New York — duh! Little-to-no shock to any of our residents, the town of Beacon, New York, is a delight and a half. Come see why.

What town in New York would you say is the coolest? Be sure to tell us in the comments! If you’re looking for other areas of the state to explore, read about a small town in New York you need to cross off your bucket list ASAP.

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Beacon, New York

July 22, 2022

Where is Beacon, New York?  

New York isn’t an enormous state; it covers an area of 54,556 square miles, which makes it the 27th-largest state by area. That being said, it’s home to tons of adorable small towns, medium-sized towns, and big cities, but there’s one town, in particular, we’re major fans of – the town of Beacon. Beacon is located in Dutchess County, New York, and boasts a population of around 13,769. It was originally settled by Europeans in 1709!  

What are some of the most charming small towns in New York?  

New York isn’t huge, but as we said, there are plenty of delightful small towns all over the place to check out as soon as you get a chance. Some of our picks for the most charming small towns in New York include little gems like Lake Placid, which is famous for having some of the best lakes in New York in close proximity, as well as an overall fun vibe thanks to its status as a resort town. Cold Spring is another small town in New York worth visiting – there’s a reason it’s super popular for day trips, and that’s because there are plenty of things to do there, like unique shops, boutiques, eateries, and lots of local history. It’s also got one of the cutest main streets in New York! We also love Ithaca, New York, for its vibrant culture and status as a double college town.  

What are some of the best small towns in New York for families?  

There are tons of delightful small towns in New York that are excellent for families. Of course, there are too many to mention in just one little paragraph, but we do have some favorites you’re bound to love as much as we do! Nestled in Albany County is Altamont, a very small town with a population of under 1700 and a love for local wonders. The cost of living is reasonable, and the schools here are excellent. We also love Hamilton, in Madison County, where you’ll find all kinds of excellent places for kids. It’s home to a few of the best parks in New York, as well as some wonderful urban hikes in New York and more.