This Rare Footage In The 1970s Shows New Jersey Like You’ve Never Seen Before

It’s almost always fun to look back on the past, especially all the fun we’ve had. What could be more fun than Wildwood, New Jersey in the 1970s? There must be a few things, but it sure was a good time. A lot happened in 1970s New Jersey, from prison rebellions (Rahway State Prison) to Princeton’s first co-ed class (which included Lisa Halaby, who became the Queen Noor of Jordan), but no matter what was going on around us, we could always count on a trip to the Jersey Shore to fill our day with fun and forget anything that might be bringing us down. It must be that Vitamin Sea.

While many beach towns in the Garden State have been popular travel destinations for decades upon decades (Atlantic City, Cape May), Wildwood didn’t really experience a business boom until the 1950s. The now iconic retro (Doo Wop) motels started springing up and by 1969, Morey’s Piers had its first attraction. In the 1970s, the piers grew quite rapidly, adding new rides like The Zipper, King Kong, Haunted House and Planet of the Apes (later Star Wars).

Another pier could also be found on the boardwalk during the 1970s – Hunt’s Pier. The pier served as an amusement park from 1957 – 1992. You may remember a mix of indoor and outdoor rides including the Flyer (wooden coaster), Keystone Kops, Whacky Shack and Jungleland (boat ride). Portions of Morey’s now stand in its place, but here’s a peek into the past – a single minute of spectacular footage (uploaded by YouTube user TheRetroTimeMachine) from way back when.

If you enjoyed that (and have a bit more time to reminisce), you’ll really enjoy this 3 minute clip of other Wildwood attractions in 1974, including Morey’s Piers.

Do these short films bring back memories? Share your favorite memory of the Wildwoods with me. What other spots would you love to be reminded of?