These 12 Extremely Tiny Restaurants In New Jersey Are Actually Amazing

Bigger isn’t always better, just look at the state of New Jersey. We’re the 4th smallest state by area but the #1 most amazing by every metric that matters (in my humble opinion). Hiking? Check! Beautiful beaches? Check! Endless entertainment? Check! Diverse and delicious cuisine? Check! We have so much to offer in the tiny amount of space we take up, and these restaurants are no different.

Is your favorite diminutive dining spot not on this list? It may be featured in my previous post, These 18 Restaurants In New Jersey Don’t Look Like Much… But WOW, They’re Good. You’ll find more popular petite eateries like White House Subs, The Clam Bar, Maria’s Luncheonette and White Manna. What other small restaurants in New Jersey are you loving?