Most People Have Long Forgotten About This Vacant Ghost Town In Rural New Jersey

New Jersey is home to numerous mining and milling ghost towns, several of which are well preserved and open to the public. This rural ghost town isn’t one of those. Little remains, other than the stories. Most aren’t even familiar with the strange tales surrounding an area they drive past on a daily basis. Now’s a great time to learn about a Garden State legend: Ong’s Hat, the most notorious and infamous ghost town in New Jersey.

For more on the ghost town of Ong’s Hat, check out the short video below:

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Address: Ongs Hat Road, Ongs Hat Rd, Southampton Township, NJ, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

ghost town in New Jersey

November 26, 2021

Is Ong’s Hat the only ghost town in New Jersey?

Ong’s Hat is easily the most infamous ghost town in New Jersey, but it’s not the Garden State’s only abandoned town. New Jersey actually has quite a few abandoned towns, but none offer the scenic views of Sea Breeze. The beautiful bayfront escape is accessible to the public and hosts haunting reminders of the past. Sea Breeze, part of Fairfield Township in Cumberland County, was once a thriving resort town. It gained popularity in the late 1880s when ferry service began between Sea Breeze and Philadelphia. Tourists flocked to the area and soon a hotel was built. The Warner Hotel, constructed in 1887, offered 40 rooms, a bar, bathing facilities and recreational activities to guests. The community came together for clambakes and boat races, until the hotel burned down in 1890. Curious to learn more about how this once-popular destination began its descent into ghost town status? Check out this article

What are some of the creepiest abandoned places in New Jersey?

If you thought Ong’s Hat was creepy, wait until you visit Fort Hancock! Fort Hancock is a former United States Army fort at Sandy Hook. Built in 1859, the coastal artillery base was decommissioned in 1974. Portions of the base remain intact and the oldest working lighthouse in the nation stands on its grounds. The fort was active for over 100 years, but was most utilized during WWII, hosting over 7,000 residents. The fort housed a number of defense systems to protect our coast including cannons, barbette guns, anti-aircraft guns and Nike missiles. From 1874 until 1919, Sandy Hook was used as a proving ground for the military’s latest experimental weaponry. It is home to Battery Potter (pictured below), the first concrete disappearing gun battery built in America. Today, Fort Hancock is part of the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, and is an intriguing place to explore. Though, we wouldn’t recommend visiting alone, as strange sounds and things have been said to happen at this now-abandoned fort in New Jersey.


Address: Ongs Hat Road, Ongs Hat Rd, Southampton Township, NJ, USA