Everyone knows that New Jersey and Delaware are neighbors. However, did you know that the two states share a physical border and that there’s a part of Delaware in New Jersey? While this might seem hard to believe, it’s a fun fact worthy of knowing more about. Therefore, read on to learn about the secluded and uninhabited land in Delaware that’s tucked away in southern New Jersey.

So, do you find learning these fun facts about part of Delaware in New Jersey interesting? Feel free to comment if you’d had a chance to check out this area in the state too. For more unique tidbits of information about New Jersey, take a look at this piece that highlights fascinating facts about the Jersey Shore.

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Part of Delaware in New Jersey

What are the most unique places to visit in Delaware?

Aside from Delmarva Peninsula and Finn's Point National Cemetery, there are many other unique points of interest to check out when you're planning to spend some time in Delaware. For starters, take a peek at these unusual places to visit when you're looking for something different to do in the state. This includes wandering through one-of-a-kind museums focused on science and enjoying festivals with quirky themesIn addition to visiting these unique places, you can also take a day trip to Willingham, Delaware for an up-close history lesson, combined with time in nature.

Does Delaware have any natural wonders?

There are plenty of natural wonders scattered along the Delaware/New Jersey border to beyond. To help you figure out what to do and where to go, take a look at this natural wonders road trip. As you’ll see, you have the option of doing everything from spending the day at a scenic beach to enjoying a unique hiking experience. In addition to following this mapped-out day trip, you can plan to spend the day with your family checking out some natural wonders in nearby New Jersey too.

Where is the creepiest destination in Delaware?

Like Finn’s Point National Cemetery, there are other spooky sights to visit in Delaware too. To begin, head to Woodburn Mansion to discover why it’s considered the most haunted house in Delaware. Feel free to also reference this Only In Your State’s Guide to learn about the scariest hikes, towns, and cemeteries in the state too. 



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