Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament In New Jersey Just Might Be The Most Entertaining Tourist Trap Yet

Some people automatically get a bit turned off when they hear “tourist trap.” However, tourist traps often offer us a fun experience that everyone’s tried at least once. Sure, we might grumble and groan a bit, but the experience is ultimately one we’ll never forget. If you’ve never been to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in New Jersey, you’re about to experience one of the most entertaining tourist traps around.

Have you been to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in New Jersey? What’s the verdict? Share your experience in the comments! If you’re always on the lookout for unique destinations (ones that allow you to bring your pooch, in particular), plan a visit to Fisherman’s Cove in Manasquan.

Address: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, 149 Polito Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071, USA