A Massive Blizzard Blanketed New Jersey In Snow In 1996 And It Will Never Be Forgotten

Schools are closed around the state today and snow is on its way. The blizzard we’re about to have will be nothing compared to the infamous blizzard of 1996. The storm lasted two days, from January 6th – January 8th, with snow beginning to fall in New Jersey before dawn on the 7th.

A child at the time of the storm, I have fond memories of sinking into the snowbanks and diving into mounds taller than myself. I recall trying to help my parents shovel, only to nearly be blown away (definitely more thrilling than terrifying for me at the time). For most adults though, this storm was a nightmare. These video of the storm’s coverage will take you back:

How well do you remember the blizzard of ’96? Share your stories and photos with us in the comments.