Hang Out In An Igloo At This One-Of-A-Kind New Jersey Biergarten

New Jersey is home to some very fascinating places and one-of-a-kind attractions. I’m consistently in awe of all we offer and every day, I discover something new. I’m particularly excited about a recent discovery, especially because I’m a big fan of food, friends and being outdoors, but I don’t really “do” cold.

Find the igloos at 527 Lake Avenue in Asbury Park. The festhalle closes at 2 a.m. daily, it opens at 4 on weekdays and noon on weekends. Have you been to Asbury Feshalle & Biergarten? Were you familiar with their igloos? I absolutely can’t wait to check them out…I just need to wrangle up a few friends. To learn more about Asbury Park and what it has to offer, click here.