You Wouldn’t Expect Some Of The Best Fried Chicken In New Jersey To Be From A Gas Station, But It Is

New Jersey has a lot of small towns, and a lot of roads crisscrossing through them! Along the way, you’ll find many gas stations offering you a place to fill up your car, and fill up yourself before the next leg of the road trip. Most of these are chains, offering simple sandwiches and packaged snacks. However, once in a while you’ll come across a true hidden gem. That’s the case for 130 Truck Stop, a small gas station and truck stop in the town of Cinnaminson that happens to serve some of the best fried chicken in New Jersey. Located in the back of the store, there is a full menu of fast-food treats that will leave you picking up every last crumb – and maybe some extra chicken tenders – before you head back out on the open road.

Have you visited 130 Truck Stop in Cinnaminson? Let us know if you’ve tried their famous Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and tell us your pick for the best fried chicken in New Jersey in the comments section. You can find out more about this convenient roadside stop at the official Facebook page. It’s also not the only unique place for gas station food in New Jersey – why not pay a visit to this Brazilian bakery?

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Address: Pilot Travel Center #1315, 2601 US-130, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, USA