Spend The Day Exploring These 10 Covered Bridges In New Hampshire

People come to New Hampshire for a variety of reasons. The ease of living, the natural beauty, and the kind people are just a few of them. For us, it’s the charm of the state that keeps us falling in love with it year after year. Part of the charm is the quintessential sights that exist in every corner of the state including the covered bridges that feel perfectly placed. Included here are just a few of our favorites!

What are some of your favorite bridges here in New Hampshire? We’re trying to find other types of bridges so if you have any recommendations please share them so we can check them out and possibly feature them in an upcoming article.

We’ve shown you some of the most lovely bridges in the state, but if you prefer a darker side of New Hampshire we’ve got that covered too. The story of New Hampshire’s most cursed covered bridge will chill you to the bone!

Address: Ashuelot Covered Bridge, 20 Hampshire Ct, Ashuelot, NH 03441, USA
Address: Coombs Bridge, 976 Old Westport Rd, Winchester, NH 03470, USA
Address: Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge, 290 Forest Rd, Hancock, NH 03449, USA
Address: Henniker Bridge, Henniker, NH 03242, USA
Address: Albany Bridge, Albany, NH 03818, USA
Address: Mount Orne Covered Bridge, Lancaster, NH 03584, USA
Address: Bath Covered Bridge, W Bath Rd, Bath, NH 03740, USA
Address: Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, Cornish, NH 03745, USA
Address: Corbin Covered Bridge, Newport, NH 03773, USA
Address: Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge, 780 Town House Rd, Cornish, NH 03745, USA

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