Discover 3 Beautiful New Hampshire Waterfalls On A Single Hike At The Purgatory Falls Trail

Of all the hikes in New Hampshire, our favorites are the ones that give us the biggest bang for our buck. If you’re going to lace up those boots, it might as well be worth it, after all! These hikes are the ones with the best views, unexpected features, and most interesting natural elements. This hike, leading to three different waterfalls, is one of those. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it if you love time outside.

Purgatory Brook Trail is accessible year round, but always be cautious when exploring the outdoors during the winter or when it’s rainy. You can learn more about the route and see a full map by visiting

Love the idea of seeing multiple waterfalls in one day, but not sure you want to take a long hike? Hop in the car and take on the New Hampshire’s scenic waterfall loop. It will take you to 9 different waterfalls!


Address: Purgatory Falls, Mont Vernon, NH 03057, USA