If There Are Only 5 Waterfall Hikes You Take In New Hampshire, Make Them These

While it is true that “water” is the key element of a waterfall, the rest of the landscape is important in creating a striking setting. Rocks set the stage for the tumbling water, and that’s the common theme of these five waterfalls. New Hampshire has an inordinate number of beautiful waterfalls, and the Granite State has the rocks to complete the natural showcases. In addition to the visual effects of the rocks, you’ll notice another thread of this list. These five waterfalls were chosen for their high reward-to-effort ratio when it comes to getting there.




Address: Fletcher Cascades, Waterville Valley, NH 03259, USA
Address: Thompson Falls, Hale's Location, NH 03812, USA
Address: Glen Ellis Falls, Jackson, NH 03846, USA
Address: Ripley Falls, Hart's Location, NH 03812, USA
Address: Beede Falls, Sandwich, NH 03227, USA