New Hampshire is a lovely place to live and spend time. In fact, it might just be the best place in America! But, the reality is that things can’t be mountain tops and rainbows all the time. Just like all states, we have our flaws. While we like to think we’re crime-free and happy, there are some places in the Granite State that are working to get themselves back on top. According to the latest figures, these are the most dangerous cities in New Hampshire. As with all lists like this, remember that it’s meant to be simply entertainment. There are a lot of great things about the places on this list and any place can be considered dangerous if you’re not careful.

Now that we’ve covered what some believe to be the most dangerous cities in New Hampshire, how about visiting the most beautiful, charming small towns in New Hampshire? And just to prove that just about anywhere can be dangerous, did you know that Mount Washington is considered one the most dangerous hikes in all of America?


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Most Dangerous Cities in New Hampshire

What are the safest cities in New Hampshire?

The safest cities in New Hampshire include:

  • Danville
  • Brookline
  • Atkinson
  • New Boston
  • Durham

Now that you know all about the most dangerous cities in our state, you'll want to know where the safest places are if you're looking for a vacation or a new home. Some of the safest cities in New Hampshire include Danville, Brookline, and Atkinson, which have no violent crime, and New Boston, and Durham, among other lovely places to spend some time. You’ll love hanging out or living in any of these nice towns.

What are the most beautiful small towns in New Hampshire? 

The most beautiful small towns in New Hampshire include:

  • Exeter
  • Hanover
  • Lincoln

There are so many beautiful small towns in New Hampshire that you’ll want to put on your bucket list. Exeter is a fun place to go in the summer for some patriotic spirit at the American Independence Festival. If you’re a fan of classic buildings in the New England area, check out Hanover for that sweet storybook look. And when you’re looking for the holiday spirit, bring your whole family to Lincoln and the Christmas Farm Inn for an extra sweet winter trip.

What are the oldest towns in New Hampshire?

The oldest towns in New Hampshire include:

  • Rye
  • Dover
  • Exeter
  • Hampton
  • Portsmouth

Our beautiful state is full of history, and you can find it in spades in any of the oldest towns in New Hampshire. Rye, which was settled in 1623, is right by the coast and is a great place to learn about the earliest days of the state. The original towns in New Hampshire included Dover, Exeter, Hampton, and Portsmouth. Check out any of them to feel like a part of history!


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