Nevada Urban Legends, Myths & Folklore: Not Your Average Bucket List Season 2

Get ready for Local Lore & Legends as your podcast hosts, Sara and Marisa, talk about all the best creepy Nevada facts, including haunted ghost towns in Nevada and all things UFO related. Do you know there are haunted mines in Nevada that still to this day report paranormal activity? Do you believe in Area 51, Nevada? We cover all of these things and more in Episode 3 of Not Your Average Bucket List. If you love Nevada urban legends, myths, and folklore, then join us on this exciting journey through The Silver State.

This season of the podcast, we’re diving deep into some of the country’s best urban legends and folklore. Nevada is no strange to tall tales, especially with a history that is so rich in terms of silver and gold mining and Old Western stories. Nevada folklore and Nevada urban legends run the gamut, from creepy ghost towns that emptied out after the Golf Rush to some of the best UFO sightings in the country.

Nevada Urban Legend Questions We’ll Cover

  • What are some of the most creepy Nevada facts?
  • Is Area 51 Nevada real?
  • What is the most haunted place in Nevada?
  • Are there really more Nevada ghost towns than inhabited towns?


Nevada UFOs & Other Alien Fun

In this episode, we cover UFOs in Nevada and other alien-themed fun. Nevada is the type of state to really highlight alien culture, whether it’s a UFO-Themed Road Trip Through Nevada or a quirky alien-themed cafe. Sara and Marisa discuss the Extraterrestrial Highway and where to stop along the way. Plus, is Area 51 real? While it’s known that Area 51 in Nevada is a military base associated with the U.S. Air Force, are the mysterious tales of UFO sightings real?

Gold Hill, Nevada’s Yellow Jacket Mine

As one of the most haunted places in Nevada, the Yellow Jacket Mine in Gold Hill has a pretty sordid past. On April 7, 1869, miners walked into Yellow Jacket Mine expecting a normal day. But due to an unfortunate accident, the mine caught fire and collapsed, killing 35 miners. Since this terrible incident, many people reported seeing apparitions and hearing strange noises. Especially on the fire anniversary, people have reported seeing ghosts wandering the town in their mining gear only to disappear into the night. During this podcast episode, we talk more about the haunted mine and whether or not it’s still open to this day.

Podcast Timestamps:

(00:43:00) Do Sara & Marisa Believe In UFOs?

(15:32:00) The Most Haunted Place In Nevada

(19:32:00) UFO-Themed Nevada Road Trip


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