Visit This Isolated Hot Spring In Nevada And You’ll Have The Whole Place To Yourself

A hot springs adventure should be next on your to-do list. It’s literally ALWAYS a good time to check them out – well, especially when the weather is less warm. After all, there’s really nothing more relaxing than taking a soak in an isolated hot spring far away from civilization! Thankfully, the Silver State is full of wonderful hot springs to choose from, many of which are amazingly remote. The spring featured below is especially known for its isolated location, ensuring that you’ll probably have the entire place to yourself when you decide to visit. If you have yet to visit this incredible hot spring pool then you’ll want to get on it pronto!

Have you visited this isolated hot spring? It looks so incredibly peaceful here. Need a little inspiration for your next hot spring adventure? Check out this Hot Springs Road Trip Through Nevada for ultimate relaxation.

Address: Trego Hot Springs, Nevada, USA
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Hot Springs in Nevada

January 18, 2022

What are some nice winter getaways in Nevada?  

Nevada might be desert-y, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a great wintertime getaway destination. In fact, we’d argue that it makes the perfect winter getaway destination, especially for people who aren’t big fans of having a white Christmas. Of course, if you live here and you’re hoping for snow, there are getaways for you, too. Diamond Peak, for example, makes an amazing winter getaway. It’s a skier’s paradise, and the views are absolutely amazing. Or you can head to Lee Canyon – which isn’t far from Vegas – and do some more skiing if Diamond Peak just isn’t enough. Winter hikes are another option, and with more than 900 trails to choose from, it’s a great (and fun) winter escape. In fact, we like winter hikes so much that we put together this list of some of the best winter hikes in Nevada you ought to try. Oh, and before we forget – there are also the hot springs! You read that right: hot springs. They’re not just for Wyoming anymore!  

Are there many natural hot springs in Nevada?  

To put it in a single word: ABSOLUTELY. Nevada is a hot springs lover’s paradise, with more than 300 natural hot springs peppered across the state. Nevada is THE hot springs capital of the United States – it even beats out Yellowstone. Several, like Spencer, Gold Strike, Fish Lake Valley, Black Rock, and Soldier Meadows Springs, are on public lands. Many others have resorts and retreats built up around them, like Carson Hot Springs Resort. Honestly, there are so many that it would likely take years to explore them all, realistically. We say go for it, but that might just be us. Some springs, however, are so hot that they are not at all good for soaking; springs like Diana’s Punch Bowl nearby Pott’s Ranch can reach extreme temperatures of up to 200 degrees. ALWAYS research a spring before you go – make sure it’s safe to enjoy! 

Address: Trego Hot Springs, Nevada, USA