You May Be Surprised To Learn These 13 Famous People Are From Nevada

We’re all familiar with quite a few famous people, but you may not realize how many are from the Silver State. Many people from a variety of fields, such as famous athletes, actors, and political figures are from right here in Nevada. Read on to see 13 famous people from Nevada: how many do you know the origins of?

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This is definitely not meant to be an all-inclusive list, and note that it only includes famous people from Nevada (as in, actually born in the Silver State).

What other famous people from Nevada should be on the list? We love Nevada trivia and are always excited to hear more, so share your thoughts in the comments!

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Fun Facts About Nevada

July 21, 2021

What are some fun facts about Nevada?

Carson City is one of just two capital cities in the United States that borders another state. Nevada means “snow-covered” in Spanish (interesting, as we are not particularly known for snow!). Check out this list for more interesting facts about Nevada!

What are some natural wonders in Nevada?

As anyone who has visited us knows, we have some truly beautiful scenery in Nevada. The Valley of Fire State Park is amazing and is as vibrant as its name suggests. We’ve got plenty of natural wonders in Nevada worth checking out!

Does Nevada have waterfalls?

Even though we are the driest state in the country, we actually have quite a few waterfalls! Check out this list from all over the state.

Address: Nevada, USA