The Underrated Natural Wonder Every Nebraskan Should See At Least Once

Nebraska’s tallgrass prairies are some of our greatest natural treasures, but unfortunately, much of our prairie land has been lost to development and progress. There is one preserved virgin tract, however, that’s located in pretty much the last place you’d expect in the whole state, and it’s so underrated that most people don’t even know it exists.

In the video below, watch UNL Professor Dave Wedin describe why preserving plants in Nine-Mile Prairie is so important.

Although this isn’t the only preserved prairie in Nebraska, Nine-Mile Prairie is unique in its proximity to one of the state’s largest cities. The beautiful space is perfect for wandering and contemplating, and it’s open all year round. You’ll find it four miles north and five miles west of downtown Lincoln (that’s where the “nine miles” in the name comes from). It’s free to enter and explore, and this is definitely one of those places that everyone should see at least once.

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Address: Nine-Mile Prairie Historical Marker, Lincoln, NE 68524, USA

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