If you were to drive past this field just outside of Kimball (in the far southwestern corner of the panhandle), you’d see a few unremarkable-looking buildings from a distance. A couple of Quonset huts and two mobile homes seem to be the only points of interest around here. But, if you were able to get through the gates to move a little closer, you’d see what looks like the beginning of a tunnel carved into the earth… which leads to the strangest home you’ve ever seen. This unremarkable field holds one of the few underground bunkers in Nebraska. And this intriguing missile site home in Nebraska is a sight to behold!

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This video gives a guided tour of the home’s interior, along with more information about its solid construction and what it’s like to live underground in one of these Nebraska missile silos. The owner sometimes gives tours of their incredibly unique home.  You can find more information on the official MissileSite Home website. And guess what? As of 2021, the property is for sale!

Given the opportunity, would you ever choose to live underground in a home like this? Do you know of any more underground bunkers in Nebraska or abandoned missile silos near you? If so we’d love to hear about it. Looking for a place to stay while you tour this wild house? Check out the offerings from our friends at Booking.com.

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Bunkers in Nebraska

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