The Remnants Of This Abandoned Town In Montana Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Imagine living in Montana in 1895, when the land was wild and untamed and the mining boom was just beginning. This is such a romantic and legendary time in American history! Perhaps you would have been one of the first inhabitants of Garnet, the once-thriving community located about 30 miles east of Missoula, Montana. Although it was abandoned long ago, it remains one of our best-preserved ghost towns, and it’s still beautiful — albeit, hauntingly so. Read more about Garnet below, and see if you think it’s the creepiest ghost town in Montana…


Well, what do you think? Do you agree that Garnet is the creepiest ghost town in Montana? Is there another ghost town in Montana that you deem creepier or more eerie? We’d love you hear about your ghost hunting adventures in the Treasure State!

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Address: Garnet, MT 59832, USA

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Creepiest ghost town in Montana

October 04, 2021

How many ghost towns are there in Montana?

As a big player in the Gold Rush, Montana is no stranger to ghost towns. Experts estimate that there are over 60 ghost towns in Montana. Some are completely abandoned, and some have a sparse population. You will find ghost towns in Montana with many intact buildings preserving much of the region’s history, much like Garnet.

What’s another creepy ghost town in Montana?

Bannack is another unsettling and downright eerie ghost town in Montana. This Montana ghost town is a National Historic Landmark and the site of the state’s first major gold discovery on July 28, 1862. This event set off an epic gold rush that caused Bannack’s population to boom to over 3,000 by 1863. But as the value of gold declined, so too did Bannack’s burgeoning population. Today, over 50 buildings line Main Street; their historic log and frame structures reference Montana’s formative years, giving visitors an authentic Old West experience. There’s something wholly unnerving about wandering through streets that were once filled with thousands of hopeful souls.

What are some other abandoned places in Montana?

In addition to over 60 ghost towns, Montana is full of old sites and structures that were once homes and places of business that for whatever reason were left to the elements. These abandoned homes and businesses are downright haunting to discover, but also delightfully fun for ghost hunters and those seeking a little bit of thrilling adventure. Here are nine abandoned places in Montana that you can visit, but be warned: your imagination will most certainly run away with all sorts of notions and stories about the past!

Address: Garnet, MT 59832, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.