Beaches in Montana? Absolutely. We might enjoy the lakeshore instead of the ocean here in Big Sky Country, but we have just as much fun as anyone on either coast. If you’d like some quality beach time this summer but don’t want to leave the state, these eight options are right in your (enormous) backyard! Here are some of the most beautiful lakes in Montana with amazing beaches: 

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Best Beaches in Montana

Does Montana have beaches that are like the ocean?  

Believe it or not, yes! Sure, Montana may be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of opportunities for a beach day. With 3,223 named lakes and reservoirs all over this beautiful state, there is no shortage of lakes in Montana for your enjoyment on a hot summer day. Some are even sandy beaches like you’ll find on the sea (more about those in a moment). Some of our favorite Montana beaches include eastern Montana’s Fort Peck Reservoir, which is not only beautiful but is also the fifth-largest man-made reservoir in the country. Then, there’s Canyon Ferry Lake, which is so convincing you might forget you’re landlocked!  

What are some of the best lakes in Montana?  

Did we mention that Montana has 3,223 named lakes and reservoirs? Because it’s worth mentioning again. Some of the best lakes in Montana are crystal-clear, chilly, and ridiculously photogenic. Among our favorite Montana lakes are crown jewels like Flathead Lake, which is an impressive 197 square miles in size. Need something a little smaller? No worries; another favorite lake in Montana is Iceberg Lake, which is so incredible it must be seen to be believed, and Mystic Lake looks and feels like something out of a fantasy novel instead of the Midwest.  

Where are all the best sandy beaches in Montana?  

As we alluded to above, there just so happens to be plenty of gorgeous, sandy beaches in Montana. There are all the wonderful ones we’ve already mentioned and so many more that it’s impossible to even TRY to list them all! More of our favorite beaches in Montana that might just make you feel like you’re at the ocean include gorgeous gems like the famed Whitefish City Beach, a seven-mile-long glacial beach with some of the best swimming and lounging in the state. Dig your toes into the soft, warm sand and soak up the sun at one of the most beautiful lakes in Montana. Another excellent beach in Montana is Bozeman Beach, which can be found at Glen Lake Rotary Park, on Manley Road.  

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