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Whether by the conversion of a cave, water tank or silo, or an original architectural design, there are some unique homes in Missouri – all of which offer one-of-a-kind features that will make passersby look twice and, perhaps, go inside. Some of these unique houses in Missouri are even currently available for purchase!  Hats off to the architects behind these 10 amazingly unique homes in Missouri.

So, what do you think? Are these some of the most unique homes in Missouri or what?! Whether they are your taste or not, you can’t deny there is something unique in all of these homes.  Would you live in any of these places?  Share your comments with us.

The state’s one-of-a-kind sites don’t end with unique homes in Missouri. There are so many other places in the state that will make you do a double take. Just take these quirky roadside attractions in Missouri, for example.

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Unique Homes In Missouri

What are the most beautiful churches in Missouri?

The unique houses in Missouri showcased above aren’t the only impressive pieces of architecture in the state. There are also some truly beautiful churches in Missouri, and the Stonegate Glass Chapel is one of them. Located in Walnut Shade, the chapel is constructed of a combination of stone, steel, and glass. The unique construction combined with the chapel’s scenic surroundings, makes for one enchanting site. Not surprisingly, the chapel is a popular spot for couples tying the knot. Fortunately, the chapel is also open for tours.

Can I spend the night in a castle in Missouri?

As far as impressive architecture goes, it doesn’t get much better than a castle. Fortunately for residents of the Show-Me State, there are several castles in Missouri, including the Stone Castle Hotel. That’s right; you can actually spend the night in a castle in Missouri! Located in Branson, the one-of-a-kind hotel is brimming with regal charm and lots of great amenities. The accommodations are certainly fit for a king… or queen.

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