Missouri Is Home To The Best Toasted Raviolis And Here Are The 10 Places To Find Them

Outside of Missouri, many people don’t know about the culinary masterpiece that is toasted ravioli. These amazing fried raviolis are so incredibly tasty that you can find them on most menus in the St. Louis area and they’ve begun to work their way across the Midwest into more restaurants. St. Louisians will tell you that these tasty treats were made here first.

Just like many of the best dishes known to man, toasted raviolis were created by accident. In 1940 at Oldani’s Restaurant one of their chefs dropped a few boiled ravioli into hot grease. They decided to send the mistake out to the bar and the customers loved them. Now, decades later we still can’t get enough of those fried stuffed pasta pillows! No matter where you live in Missouri, you can find a tasty plate of toasted ravs. However, we’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the best places across the state where you can enjoy this famous Missouri dish.

Have you tried any of these tasty toasted ravioli dishes? Where is your favorite place for toasted ravs? Tell us about it in the comments below.