Catfish is an extremely popular food in Missouri. Catfish is eaten in a variety of ways, but the most popular is crumbed with cornmeal and then fried. Fishing for catfish in Missouri is very popular as well. However, a practice that is under debate for catching catfish in Missouri is noodling. Noodling is a common term for hand-fishing, and although it’s illegal, it is believed that about 2,000 people in Missouri hand-fish. In addition, that number could top almost 13,000 if the practice was legalized. Catfish farms are another source for the fish, and there are quite a few of them sprinkled throughout the state. Between the abundance of catfish available in-state through fishing and farming, catfish in our restaurants can easily be the freshest available. Here are some of the places that are doing catfish right.

What is your favorite place to go to for some great catfish?  Are you angler who fishes for them?  Share your picks, stories and photos in the comments below.

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