Searching for a great place to cool off? How about an island with waters so clear, they rival the Caribbean? If this sounds like your idea of paradise, we’ve got the perfect beach for you. Ship Island has the cleanest beach in Mississippi. Come with us to bask in all the beauty of one of the best beaches in Mississippi with clear water:

Watch this YouTube video by 7.62x51mm for an aerial view of these pristine white sands::

This isn’t the only impressive beach in the state. Check out another one of these amazing Mississippi beaches. Tell us about your favorite beaches in Mississippi in the comments.

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The Amazing Attractions of Mississippi

Besides Ship Island, what are some more of the best Mississippi beaches?

Of course, Ship Island is one of the best beaches in Mississippi, but here is a list of 7 more beaches that we recommend:

  • Presley's Outing, Moss Point
  • Paradise in Picayune, Picayune
  • Old Bridge Beach, New Site
  • Lower Lake Beaches, Vicksburg
  • Lake Tiak-O'Khata, Louisville
  • Starkville KOA Holiday, Starkville
  • Pep’s Point, Hattiesburg

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What are the weirdest places to visit in Mississippi?

The weirdest places to visit in Mississippi include:

  • Kuhn Memorial State Hospital. This is a hotbed of supposed paranormal activity that brings paranormal investigators from all over.
  • Red Water Artesian Well. While the state has many similar wells, this one has red water that is completely safe to drink.
  • Frog Art Farm. This collection of frog sculptures in Fayette was created by Louise Cadney Coleman and is an odd and charming exhibit.
  • King’s Tavern. Located in Natchez, this is the city’s oldest building and is purported to be haunted by the spirit of a mummified body that was found there in the 1930s.

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What are some amazing hidden gem attractions in Mississippi?

Some amazing hidden-gem attractions in Mississippi include:

  • NASA Bus Tour. Take a tour through restricted areas of the Stennis Space Center and learn about how they do things at NASA.
  • Biedenharn Coca Cola Museum. This popular carbonated drink is bottled in Mississippi and this museum exhibits memorabilia that is over 100 years old.
  • Grammy Museum. This is one of two Grammy museums in America and is full of wonderful musical history.
  • Jim Henson Museum. Jim Henson was beloved for Kermit the Frog and the other Muppets and this museum celebrates Kermit and all the rest.

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What are the most unique attractions in Mississippi?

The most unique attractions in Mississippi include:

  • Home of William Faulkner. This was the home of an author who wrote stories set in a fictional version of Lafayette County.
  • Birthplace of Elvis Presley. There was only one King of Rock and one birthplace for him, and that place is in Tupelo.
  • The Mississippi Blues Trail. This trail of locations tells the history of blues music and how it grew at places like the WROX radio station.
  • Vicksburg National Cemetery. This is the largest cemetery for Union soldiers of the Civil War in the country.

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