It Was So Cold In Mississippi In 1989 Temperatures Stayed Below Freezing For 3 Days

One of the coldest winters in Mississippi occurred back in 1989, when temperatures remained in the single digits for a few days in a row. Mississippi wasn’t alone, though. Several states throughout the Southeast (including Florida!) were affected by the winter storm, which would come to be known as the Christmas Coastal Snowstorm of 1989.

Want to know more about the Christmas Coastal Snowstorm of 1989? Check out the vintage weather forecast below.


So, do you remember this history-making winter in Mississippi? Did you know it was one of the coldest winters in Mississippi history? Have recollections of any other unusually cold winters in Mississippi? If so, share your story with us.

The Christmas Coastal Snowstorm isn’t the only weather event to go down in state history. There are several others, including Hurricane Katrina, which forever changed the state.

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