There is no shortage of haunted places in Mississippi. Just about every town in the Magnolia State has some sort of local urban legend or spooky tale associated with it. However, there is one town that is definitely more haunted than the rest: Natchez, Mississippi. Situated on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, it may very well be the most haunted small town in Mississippi.

Have you ever visited the most haunted place in Mississippi, Natchez? Or do you have a recommendation for more creepy places in Mississippi to check out? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments – we love hearing about haunted Mississippi!

Natchez, Mississippi is just one of the many haunted places in Mississippi. There are lots of Mississippi ghost stories, enough that we’ve even curated a haunted road trip in Mississippi to some of the spookiest places in the state!

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Haunted Small Town In Mississippi

Aside from haunted locales, what else is Natchez, Mississippi known for?

Natchez is known for much more than being the most haunted small town in Mississippi. It’s also revered as the “biscuit capital of the world.” Some great perks come along with that title, including, you guessed it, tasty biscuits. The Carriage House Restaurant, Biscuits and Blues, and Regina’s Kitchen serve up some of the town’s best biscuits. Natchez is also touted as the “bed and breakfast capital of the South.” Well deserving of the distinction, the small town is home to more than 20 B&Bs.

Are there any other haunted places in Mississippi?

Natchez is just one of the many haunted places in Mississippi. The Magnolia State is brimming with spooky spots, including Glenwood Cemetery. The Yazoo City graveyard isn’t just one of the eeriest spots in the state, though. It’s actually been deemed the 2nd spookiest cemetery in the U.S. Almost all of the cemetery’s strange happenings involve the grave of its most infamous occupant – the Witch of Yazoo. Not only did the headstone fall and split into two immediately after installation, but the chains that surround the grave keep falling apart, no matter how many times they’re repaired. Today, the witch’s memory is kept alive via guided cemetery tours.

What are some other Mississippi ghost stories?

There are lots of Mississippi ghost stories, including that of Helen Johnstone and Henry Vick. In a tale that is both spine-tingling and heartbreaking, the ghosts of the two sweethearts walk the grounds of the Chapel of the Cross in Madison, longing for the life they never lived. According to legend, Henry died in a duel just a few days before he and Helen were set to wed. Incredibly distraught, Helen attended Henry’s funeral in her wedding dress. Following the ceremony, she sat at his grave for hours, sobbing. Over the years, numerous people have reported seeing two spirits, believed to be Henry and Helen, roaming the cemetery.


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