Since becoming a state in 1817, there have been a lot of Mississippi historical events that really stuck in our minds. Throughout the years, the state has experienced everything from natural disasters to historic milestones. And no matter how much time has passed, certain events will forever remain in the memory of those born and raised in the Magnolia State. Here are 11 perfect examples of historical events in Mississippi.

Do you remember these significant historical moments in Mississippi past? Which of them were the most impactful to you to learn about or live through? Or did we perhaps leave one off the list that you think we should cover? Let us know in the comments section.

If you enjoyed this and are interested in more Mississippi history, be sure to check out our list of powerful moments in Mississippi history. Or perhaps you are looking more towards the future, then we recommend taking a look at our list of day trips in Mississippi. There is something fun for every sort of adventurer on this list.

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Mississippi History

Can I hike to historical sites in Mississippi? 

There are a few interesting historical sites in Mississippi that you can lace up your boots and hike to. Some of the best hikes to take are:

We recommend always checking trail difficulty and weather conditions before heading out, we want everyone to stay safe!

What have been the worst storms in Mississippi history? 

Storm chasers will be interested to know that there have been a fair few bad storms in Mississippi history, some that brought the state to a grinding halt for multiple days, including:


What are some unique things about Mississippi?

A lot of the unique things about Mississippi are what make it a fascinating place to live, a few examples are:

  • The Vicksburg National Cemetery is so large it could fill two of New York's Grand Central Station.
  • Mississippi is the catfish capital of the world. Producing millions of pounds a year with thousands of acres dedicated to their cultivation.
  • Mississippi is 1,000 times the size of Disney World!



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