The Beloved Mississippi Island Resort That Now Lies At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Mississippi is full of surprises. One of the biggest is beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico – and it’s the Isle of Caprice. Dubbed the “Monte Carlo of the South,” the island included a popular luxury resort, which attracted people from near and far. But it’s success didn’t last long. Sadly, after just a few short years, the Gulf overtook the island and resort, concealing it yet again.Take a look:

The sunken island resort is out of sight but not out of mind. The heirs of the original owners still pay property taxes on the submerged island just in case it does resurface. Maybe one day, we’ll get to experience the resort for ourselves. Until then, we’ll just have to made do with the islands that we do have.

So, did you know about this island? Or the resort? Know of another spot that’s been reclaimed by nature? Tell us in the comments section.

This island is long gone. Luckily, it’s not the state’s only one. Read about another here.