Barq’s Root Beer Was Invented At This Old, Unassuming House In Mississippi From The 1800s

A lot of great things have come from Mississippi – and that includes Barq’s Root Beer. That’s right; Barq’s Root Beer was invented in Mississippi. And while it’s now one of the most recognizable drinks in the nation, it had to start somewhere and that somewhere is an unassuming little house in Biloxi. Read on to learn more about one of the tastiest things invented in Mississippi.


The Barq’s Pop Factory is one of several stops on the Essence of Biloxi Driving and Bicycling Trail. Learn more here.

So, did you know that Barq’s Root Beer was invented in Mississippi? Have you ever seen the modest house where it was first made? Tell us!

Barq’s is just one of many things invented in Mississippi. Read about others here.

Address: Biloxi, MS, USA
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Barq's Root Beer Was Invented In Mississippi

June 02, 2021

What are some other things invented in Mississippi?

Tons of inventions have roots in the Magnolia State, including the Viking Range Corporation. Founded by Fred Carl, Jr. in the 1980s, the Viking Range Corporation is credited with bringing “professional cooking to the home,” as it was the first to design a professional-grade range for home use. Today, visitors can get a taste of the Viking Range Corporation at the Viking Cooking School in Greenwood, which hosts a variety of culinary classes and events. The list of things invented in Mississippi doesn’t end there, though. Lots of well known products, like Pine Sol, soft toilet seat covers, and rayon, were invented in Mississippi.

What are some little known facts about Mississippi?

There seems to be no shortage of little known facts about Mississippi. For example, did you know that Coca Cola was first bottled right here in the Magnolia State? It’s true. It happened back in 1894 in Vicksburg. Today, you can visit the building where it all began. Dubbed the Biedenharn Coca Cola Museum, it houses an array of exhibits, photos, and memorabilia. The museum even has a soda fountain, where you can buy Coke floats and other Coca Cola goodies. There’s a souvenir shop, too.

Is there any other interesting Mississippi trivia?

The fact that Mississippi is the birthplace of the Teddy Bear definitely qualifies as interesting Mississippi trivia. Lots of people have heard the story of President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt refusing to shoot a trapped bear while on a hunting trip. However, what most people don’t know is that this incident occurred in Sharkey County in Mississippi. Another interesting tidbit of Mississippi trivia is that the state is credited with starting Memorial Day. It’s said that the holiday, which was originally known as Decoration Day, was started a year after the Civil War by a group of women in Columbus, Mississippi.



Address: Biloxi, MS, USA