Why This One Tiny Town Is Secretly The Best Place In Michigan

Michigan has its fair share of small towns and lovely cities to explore. From Detroit to Ludington, there’s a setting here for each and every Michigander. But there’s one lovely little community in the Great Lakes State that might just be the most gorgeous spot you’ve ever experienced. When you’re ready for a fantastic adventure, look no further than Copper Harbor, one of our favorite hidden small towns in Michigan.

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For more information about Copper Harbor and all that it has to offer, click here. Have you spent time exploring this fantastic Michigan destination? Share your memories in the comments! Do you have any favorite hidden small towns in Michigan? Read about more of ours here.

Address: Copper Harbor, MI, USA
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Hidden Small Towns in Michigan

September 14, 2021

What are some fun hidden gems in Michigan?  

It’s fun to check out the most popular tourist spots in Michigan, sure, but you should also consider paying some visits to to some of the more offbeat attractions the state has to offer. Some of our favorite hidden gem attractions in Michigan include places like Chapel Rock, which, after a brief but intense drive on a rocky roadway, rewards visitors with incredibly scenic views and very few crowds. There are also some interesting dunes along the shores of Lake Michigan that can be found at the Arcadia Dunes. Arcadia Dunes are often looked over in favor of the larger, more popular Sleeping Bear Dunes, so it’s the perfect place to go to avoid crowds.  

What kind of things to do in Michigan are there?  

Michigan is a particularly wonderful state for those who enjoy the outdoors, though the big cities hold plenty of wonders to be admired, too. Some of the best fishing, hiking, and camping in the Midwest can be found in Michigan. Impressively, Michigan is home to a whopping 103 state parks and seven national park sites, and each are special in its own way. The Great Lakes are another impressive draw to the state, and the sheer size of the lakes is sure to blow your mind as soon as you realize it’s not the sea you’re looking at. Of course, you could also spend plenty of time exploring Michigan’s museums and significant historical sites, of which there are plenty. No matter what you like to do and what you’re interested in, you’re sure to find something to love in the Mitten State.  

What are the best small towns in Michigan to add to my bucket list? 

Michigan is a gorgeous Midwestern state with so many small towns that it’s hard to keep track of them all! Some do stick out more than others in terms of being particularly awesome, though, and some of our favorites include Arcadia, where the views of Lake Michigan are to die for, Cadillac, with its own incredible lake views as well (though of a different one than Arcadia!), and Marine City is yet another lakeside town with endless charm. You can’t miss the main streets in these (and other) small towns; oftentimes, that’s where you’ll find the most vibrant shops, galleries, and small-town charm that truly makes it what it is. For more of our favorite small towns in Michigan, look at this article!  

Address: Copper Harbor, MI, USA