Here’s The Perfect Itinerary For One Week In Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong Michigander who’s simply looking to explore our state’s most beautiful places, one thing is for sure: you could spend months venturing through the Mitten State and never see it all. However, if you’ve got one week to spare, we’ve put together the perfect road trip that will take you to many highlights of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

For a link to our weeklong Upper Peninsula itinerary, click here.

Of course, there are hundreds of other Lower Peninsula towns and attractions that could have been included on this itinerary. Mackinaw City, Kalamazoo, South Haven… the list goes on and on. It would simply be impossible to squeeze everything into a weeklong span. But never fear: the greatest part about living in Michigan is that there’s always more to discover. The spots that were omitted from this list will just have to be at the forefront of your next great Michigan adventure. Happy trails, fellow Michiganders!