9 Lazy Rivers In Michigan That Are Perfect For Tubing On A Summer’s Day

Like it or not, summer weather is definitely upon us here in the Great Lakes State. When the muggy temperatures leave you feeling sluggish and overheated, there’s nothing better than getting outside and relaxing within nature. We know it might be hard to drag yourself away from the air-conditioning, but trust us when we say that these nine lazy rivers in Michigan will make for the perfect summer activity. Grab a few friends and try tubing in Michigan as a unique and fun-filled way to enjoy a hot day.

Do you have a favorite riverfront destination here in the Great Lakes State? Have you embarked on any wonderful Michigan tubing excursions? Share your suggestions and thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Tubing in Michigan

June 21, 2019

What are the prettiest rivers in Michigan?

One of the best ways to witness the prettiest rivers in our state is river tubing in Michigan. All of the rivers mentioned in our list are scenic and beautiful, so it is difficult to determine which one is the prettiest. Thanks to its scenic views, the Chippewa River is definitely near the top of the list, as well as the Huron River which winds through southeast Michigan. The AuSable River is often considered the most beautiful river in the state, which is why it is also known as a wonderful lazy river in Michigan.

What are the best water activities in Michigan?

There is no shortage of fun you can have in the waterways of Michigan. From river tubing in Michigan, to swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, and more, the suggestions are endless. River View Campground, mentioned above, is one great place to stay if you want to enjoy water activities. For the best swimming hole in Michigan, check out beautiful Torch Lake. For water fun in the sand, head to Van’s Beach, featured here. And for family fun in the water, check out this exciting inflatable water park here.

What is the best time of year to go tubing in Michigan?

If you’re wanting to enjoy a peaceful lazy river in Michigan, then you’re going to want to plan your trip during the summer. You’ll need the heat from that summer sun to keep you warm as you dip your toes in the water. If you want to enjoy a different type of tubing in the cold of winter, check out this snow tubing destination in Michigan here.