The Remnants Of This Abandoned Church In Detroit Are Hauntingly Beautiful

It’s no secret that Detroit is home to its fair share of abandoned properties. Throughout the generations, our beloved city has struggled through numerous challenges, both financially and otherwise – and these difficulties have forced the closure of many unique, beautiful buildings. One abandoned church in Detroit remains hauntingly beautiful despite its state of disrepair. Take a look inside by checking out the photos below from urban explorers, but bear in mind that we certainly do not recommend trespassing to get an in-person glimpse.

Did you or your loved ones spend time at St. Agnes prior to its closure? What are some of your best memories of this once-popular church and school in the Motor City? Share your thoughts with us in the Facebook comments or tell us about another abandoned church in Detroit that we should be aware of by filling out our nomination form here.

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Address: Rosa Parks Boulevard & South La Salle Gardens, Rosa Parks Blvd & S La Salle Gardens, Detroit, MI 48206, USA