The Breathtaking Waterfall Restaurant In Massachusetts Where The View Is As Good As The Food

Ever found yourself simultaneously wondering, “What is the best waterfall restaurant near me in Massachusetts?” and “Where’s the best outdoor dining in Massachusetts?” Well, wonder no more! Massachusetts is full of spots where nature will astound you. Our state’s got its fair share of amazing restaurants, too. However, it’s not often that these two types of destinations are one and the same, but there are exceptions to every rule – and in this case, the exception is The 1761 Old Mill Restaurant, one of the best waterfall restaurants in Massachusetts.

So, does this answer your question, “What is the best waterfall restaurant near me in Massachusetts?” Are you ready to plan a visit to The 1761 Old Mill Restaurant? For more information, call (978) 874-5941. You can also visit the official website of Old Mill Restaurant or its Facebook page

Well, what do you think? Do you think this is one of the most “unique dining experiences near me?” Do you know of other restaurants with amazing outdoor dining in Massachusetts? Or, maybe you know of other waterfall restaurants in Massachusetts? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: 69 State Rd E, Westminster, MA 01473, USA
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Restaurant With A Waterfall Near Me

July 28, 2021

Are there any other waterfall restaurants in Massachusetts?

The 1761 Old Mill isn’t the state’s only waterfall restaurant. There are actually several waterfall restaurants in Massachusetts and one that shouldn’t be missed is The Alvah Stone in Canton. Housed in the historic Montague Bookmill on the Sawmill River, it offers an unforgettably unique dining experience and is easily one of the best restaurants in Massachusetts. A spacious outdoor deck overlooks the river and its cascading waterfall, making The Alvah Stone the perfect place to get your fill of great food and amazing views.

Where else offers outdoor dining in Massachusetts?

If you’re craving a unique outdoor dining experience, you’ll find it at Grill on the Hill. Located in Worcester’s Green Hill Park, it serves up one of the state’s most scenic dining experiences, especially at sunset. The views are only outshined by the tasty classic American fare. Sure to hit the spot, the varied menu features everything from burgers and sandwiches to blackened salmon and chicken and waffles.

What are the best restaurants in Massachusetts?

There are lots of iconic restaurants in The Bay State. And one that’s worthy of being deemed one of the best restaurants in Massachusetts is Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage. Since opening in 1960, the Harvard landmark has been catapulted to legendary status, as it’s been visited by the likes of pop stars, politicians, actors, and more. Living up to its reputation, the eatery serves up burgers that run the gamut from conventional to not-so-conventional (think a maple-syrup-covered patty). Not craving a burger? No problem; in addition to the signature burgers, the menu features a slew of university-themed sandwiches.

Address: 69 State Rd E, Westminster, MA 01473, USA